PCI Professional (PCIP)™ Qualification


The Payment Card Industry Professional is an individual, entry-level certification in payment security information and provides you with the understanding to help your organization build a secure payment environment. Becoming a PCIP demonstrates a level of understanding that can provide a strong foundation for a career in the payments security industry. This renewable career certification is not affected by changes in employment assignments and stays in effect as long as the individual continues to meet requirements. This three-year credential also provides a great foundation for other PCI qualifications.

Course Highlights

  • Support your organization’s or client’s ongoing security and compliance efforts through your knowledge of how to apply PCI Standards
  • Gain recognition of your professional achievement with this renewable three-year industry credential
  • Become part of a PCIP community where knowledge and best practices can be shared
  • Launch your career in the payments industry with a competitive advantage
  • Listing in a searchable directory on the PCI website
  • Earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits
  • Available as instructor-led in-person or via eLearning. Also available on-demand. 

The PCI Professional training course covers the following:

PCI Essentials
A foundational knowledge about the payment card industry and the PCI SSC.

  • Overview of the Payment Card Industry
  • Introduction to the PCI SSC
  • PCI SSC Website and Resources

PCI DSS Overview
An overview of PCI DSS including a review of the requirements and appendices.

  • Overview of the Standard
  • PCI DSS Assessment Process
  • PCI DSS Compliance Programs and Compliance Level

PCI DSS Requirements
An in-depth review of the PCI DSS requirements and how they are assessed.

  • Requirements 1 through 12
  • Appendix A

Reporting Fundamentals
An understanding of the various types of reports that are necessary to demonstrate compliance with PCI standards.

  • The Purpose of Reporting
  • Who Reports to Whom
  • Types of Reports

SAQ Reporting
An overview of each of the SAQs and how they are used by merchants and service providers to assess their environments.

  • SAQ Overview
  • Self-Assessment Process

Right for You?

If you have experience in any of these areas, consider the PCIP Qualification:

  • Security/Technology
  • Compliance/Risk/Governance
  • Audit/Finance
  • e-Commerce
  • Product Development, Marketing or Sales (develop or sell payments-oriented products)

Digital Badging

When you become a Payment Card Industry Professional, display your digital badge and represent your skills and gives you a way to share your abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified in real time.


  • 8 Aug 2024

    09:00-17:30 ET (13:00-21:30 UTC)

    Virtual Instructor-Led (vILT)

  • 9 Sep 2024

    09:00-17:30 (local time)

    Boston, MA

  • 7 Nov 2024

    09:00-17:30 ET (14:00-22:30 UTC)

    Virtual Instructor-Led (vILT)

Virtual Instructor-Led (vILT) classes are a combination of eLearning and a live webinar.


Become a PCIP and take your career to the next level!


Course Price

New PCIP Training (In person or eLearning) Non-PO

$2,750 USD

New PCIP Training (In person or eLearning) Principal/Associate PO

$1,700 USD

New PCIP Training (In person or eLearning) Individual PO

$2,475 USD

New PCIP Exam-only Non-PO

$1,700 USD

New PCIP Exam-only PO

$1000 USD

New PCIP Exam Retake fee via Pearson VUE

$185 USD

Requalification PCIP Training Non PO

$350 USD

Requalification PCIP Training PO

$300 USD

Requalification PCIP Exam-only Non PO

$200 USD

Requalification PCIP Exam-only PO

$185 USD

New QSA & ISA Opt in

$300 USD

Requalification PCIP – QSA & ISA Opt in

$200 USD

Training class change fee

$185 USD

Become a Participating Organization


Join our growing community of Participation Organizations and play an active part in helping secure the future of payments. Participating Organizations receive discounts on training!

How to Prepare for the Exam

Prior to taking the PCIP training and/or exam, candidates should familiarize themselves with information regarding the PCI Standards and supporting documents. These materials along with the current version of the PCI DSS may be found in the Document Library.

Training Formats and Exam Information

New Training Offerings:

All offerings will include a 6-hour online prerequisite course that must be completed prior to the PCIP training.

  • Instructor-led training (ILT): In-person, instructor-led classroom training with an exam to follow.
  • Virtual Instructor-led training (vILT): Combination online training and instructor-led webinar with an exam offered via Pearson Vue within 30 days of webinar.
  • eLearning: Self-paced computer-based training (CBT). You will have 90 days from the receipt of payment to complete all components of the training and the exam. The exam will be delivered via Pearson Vue.
  • Exam Only: There is no training with this option. Once payment is received, you will receive an email from Pearson VUE and have 30 days from receipt of the email to schedule and complete the exam.
  • Please see Schedule tab for dates of ILT and vILT training

New Exam Specifics:

  • All exams are closed book.
  • Exam is 75 multiple choice questions with a 90-minute time limit.
  • Results of in person exams are delivered within 10 business days.
  • Results of Pearson Vue exams are delivered upon completion of the exam.
  • 75% or higher to pass the exam; the only information that can be released concerning exams is your grade.
  • If you fail the exam, you are allowed two retakes (within 30 days of failure notice) for a fee.

Registration Process

Step 1 – Review

Refer to the PCIP Qualification Requirements for complete program description and requirements and to confirm that you are well suited for the program.

Next, determine if you’ll be enrolling in:

  • The eLearning training course
  • An Instructor-Led Training
  • The exam-only option

Then complete the short registration form online (see step 2).

Step 2 – Apply

  • Submit PCIP registration form
  • Once we receive your registration, we will supply you with log-in credentials to complete your online application.
    •  Access PCIP online application through PCI SSC’s secure portal: https://programs.pcissc.org
    • Complete PCIP application (Note: Attestation name, signature and date must be hand written)
  • Applicants will be notified via email of their application status within 2 days of submitting their fully completed application.
  • Following the approval of application, a training invoice will be emailed within 2-3 business days
  •  Submit payment

Step 3 - Train

Upon receipt of payment, you will:

  • For those taking eLearning training and exam:
    •  You will receive a link to access the eLearning course.
    •  You will have 90 days from the day you receive the link to complete the course and take the exam.
    • You will also receive a separate email from Pearson VUE with credentials and complete instructions on how to schedule your exam.
  • For those taking an instructor-led class:
    • Receive an email from provider confirming your seat in the class, the class location and further instructions
    • Receive an email containing instructions and credentials for scheduling your exam at a Pearson VUE test center
    • Have 30 days from the class date to sit for the exam

Step 4 - Enrollment

Pass/Fail results are provided immediately following the conclusion of the exam.
Passing candidates will receive a Certificate of Qualification via email and will be added to the Council’s website listing of PCI Professionals.

Group Training Option

  • If you have a group to train, please consider our PCI Professional Corporate Group Training instructor-led option, where an expert PCI instructor comes to your facility (or any location you choose) to deliver the course. We offer volume discounts – the more you train, the more you save.
    In a one-day class (9:00 – 17:00), your team will have the benefit of learning directly from a PCI SSC seasoned instructor. (Many companies hold this training in conjunction with a corporate meeting or member event, thereby maximizing time and travel budget.)
  • The on-site “classroom” environment offers collaboration with teammates in a supportive, focused setting which allows your team to get the most out of the training content.
  • Computer based, closed-book exam taken at a PearsonVUE testing center within 30 days of the date of training
  • Perhaps your team is at different experience levels. The Council will be pleased to provide a “combination package” for your training event. Let us know your training needs and we will customize the training event to the size of your group and specific experience levels.

Get more information on Corporate Group Training option.

In addition to PCI Professional, some of our other popular courses delivered onsite include:

  • PCI Awareness: For anyone at any level – There is no exam; this course does not result in a certification.
  • Internal Security Assessor (ISA): For those with 5+ years IT security experience – Yearly requalification required.

Corporate Group Training

Learn directly from an instructor with hands-on experience in the field of payments security. All courses are available in group training format and delivered as part of our eLearning platform. Your organization will receive all the benefits of an instructor-led training class, at a time and place most convenient for you and your staff.

ISA/QSA Opt-in

Internal Security Assessors (ISAs) and Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs)/Associate Qualified Security Assessors (AQSAs) in good standing may choose to add the individual PCIP qualification to recognize their already proven level of expertise.

This accreditation is available to ISAs and QSAs/AQSAs through registration with PCI SSC. Once you register and pay the opt-in fee you will simply have to complete the online application which includes uploading a signed Attestation and agreeing to the download the Code of Professional Responsibility.



In order to maintain the high standards, set for this qualification, all PCIPs must requalify every three years to continue to maintain their status and be listed on the PCI website.
Requalification requirements help ensure that PCIPs remain current with technical and industry changes and demonstrate professionalism. To maintain active qualification status, PCIPs must:

  • Abide by the PCI SSC Code of Professional Responsibility
  • Meet the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirement of 10 CPE hours per year and 30 CPE hours over a rolling three year period

Requalification Process

The Council emails courtesy reminders 90 days in advance of your qualification expiry date. To complete the requalification process, the required CPE hours and a requalification registration must be submitted prior to the expiry date and a passing score must be achieved on the exam no later than 14 days after the expiry date.

  • For your convenience, CPE hours can be tracked and stored in the PCI portal at any time
  • Once the required number of CPE hours has been recorded, select a requalification option and submit your registration
  • Two options are available: requalification training and exam or requalification exam only
  • An invoice will be emailed within 2-3 business days
  • You will receive an email containing instructions and credentials to complete the requalification exam within 2 business days of payment processing
  • Once you successfully pass the exam, a new certificate will be emailed and you’ll be listed on the PCI website as a PCI Professional for another three years

The training around network configuration and monitoring requirements provided an immediate benefit in helping to implement new systems appropriately.

The training provided a background in PCI and gave me better understanding of the various requirements – the highlight was the personal instruction and lively classroom dynamic with the ability to learn from others’ questions.