Training & Qualification Overview

The PCI Security Standards Council operates programs to train, test, and qualify organizations and individuals who assess and validate compliance, in order to help merchants successfully implement PCI standards and solutions. The Council also qualifies payment hardware and software so that merchants select and implement approved solutions for securing payment data and systems.

PCI SSC Training & Qualification Programs


Perform assessments of 3DS Environments in accordance with the PCI 3DS Core Security Standard

Understand how PCI Standards can help protect cardholder data


Validate adherence to the external scanning requirement of the PCI DSS

Perform assessments in accordance with the PCI Card Production and Provisioning Standards


Perform internal assessments for PCI DSS compliance

Apply the PCI Standards to your organization and earn a renewable PCI credential

Get a solid foundation to assess point-to-point encryption compliance


Securely install, configure and maintain validated PA-DSS payment applications


Perform assessments of entities in accordance with the PCI PIN Requirements


Perform PCI DSS assessments of merchants and service providers

Perform assessments of entities in accordance with the Secure Software Lifecycle Requirements and Assessment Procedures

Perform assessments of payment software in accordance with the Secure Software Requirements and Assessment Procedures

Outlines many of the threats and challenges of handling and securing payment account data within home offices and remote working environments

Meet our Trainers

Director of Training Programs

Standards Trainer

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