PCI SSC Leadership Team

Day-to-day management of the Council activities is led by the Leadership Team, which reports to the Council’s Executive Committee.

PCI SSC Department Leaders

PCI SSC Department Leaders directly report to the PCI SSC Leadership team. They play a pivotal role in guiding their teams towards achieving the PCI SSC Mission, Strategic Pillars, and Architectural Principles.

PCI SSC Global Team

The PCI SSC Global Team leads the Council’s efforts in increasing adoption and awareness of the PCI security standards globally through active involvement in global events, industry conferences, meetings with key stakeholders, and Regional Engagement Boards.
Mark Meissner

SVP, Engagement Officer
(North America)

Yew Kuann Cheng

Regional Vice President
(Asia Pacific)

Jeremy King

Regional Vice President

Nitin Bhatnagar

Regional Director
(India, South Asia, and Middle East)

Guilherme Scheibe

Regional Director
(Brazil and LAC)

Ryoji Ihara

Associate Regional Director

PCI SSC Executive Committee

The PCI Security Standards Council is led by a policy-setting Executive Committee, composed of representatives from the Founding Members and Strategic Members.

PCI SSC Board of Advisors

The PCI Security Standards Council Board of Advisors is composed of representatives of Participating Organizations. This cross-industry group is chartered to ensure that all voices are heard in the ongoing development of PCI Security Standards, with representation from across the payment chain – merchants, financial institutions, processors and more – as well as from around the world.

The 2023-2025 Board Members are listed below. If you have questions, please contact boa@pcisecuritystandards.org.

Manoj Puri

Marie-Christine Vittet

Helen Huyton

Mike Ellington

Peter Stone

Andy White

Lucas Gontijo

Timothy Thomas

James Vale

Netsai Massetti

Chanda Mafuka

Tim Barnett

Simon Turner

Ludovic Verecque

Phil White

Adrian Asher

Glauco Sampaio

James Huang

Josh Knopp

Rodney Farmer

Yves Lalieu

Wes Shattler

David King

Walid Barakat

Nikhil Wagholikar

Richard Kisley

Andrew Smith

Steven Bowles

Michael Johnson

Pedro Fortuna

Nancy Zayed

Ashok Misra

Pravin Kumar

Sanjib Subba

Pedro Branco

Aileen Liu

David Gore

Jason Hansen

Geoff Forsyth

Edward Mao

James Gotzamanis

Camilo Lopez

Abdulrahman Alhothaily

Tomás Perlines

Amir Pourafshar

Nicholas Lim

Sean Estrada

Richard Agostino

Chris Garlington

Mahmoud Sultan

Shane Skidgel

Joachim Vance

Walker Thompson

Cedric Gourio

Various Headshots taken by David Shopper Photography