Regional Engagement

The PCI SSC Global Team leads the Council’s efforts in increasing adoption and awareness of the PCI security standards globally. They gather feedback from industry stakeholders, coordinate research and analysis of PCI SSC managed standards through global markets, driving education efforts and Council membership recruitment through active involvement in global events, industry conferences, meetings with key stakeholders, and Regional Engagement Boards.

Regional Engagement Boards serve as advisors to the PCI SSC on payment data security issues in specific geographies and markets. They represent PCI SSC Participating Organizations and industry stakeholders from regions where increased input and engagement is needed to foster broad adoption of PCI Security Standards and improve payment security.

Global collaboration is a core principle of the PCI Security Standards Council. The PCI SSC Brazil Regional Engagement Board represents perspectives from payment security experts in Brazil that are critical in our mission to enhance global payment security.

PCI SSC Global Team

Mark Meissner

SVP, Engagement Officer
(North America)

Yew Kuann Cheng

Regional Vice President
(Asia Pacific)

Jeremy King

Regional Vice President

Nitin Bhatnagar

Regional Director
(India, South Asia, and Middle East)

Guilherme Scheibe

Regional Director
(Brazil and LAC)

Ryoji Ihara

Associate Regional Director

What Regional Engagement Board Members are Saying

Serving on the Brazil REB allows us to provide the PCI Council with fast and up-to-date information about the local payment market, while sharing the experience of other participants. In an agile and vibrant market like ours, it is important for us to take our voice, and to understand together the new directions that the market demands.

Cielo's participation in the Regional Engagement Board, together with other members of the payments industry, allowed us to bring up relevant and sensitive issues to our market and to engage the REB team in favor of the discussion of problems that have commonly affected all the participants in the payments industry.

I had the pleasure and honor of representing on the REB, since its creation. As coordinator of the Means of Payment and Anti-Fraud committees of the Brazilian Chamber of Digital Economy, I can say that the opportunity to participate in the discussions that contribute to the evolution of the PCI DSS is enriching and essential for the members of our association.

Our participation in the REB since 2019 has been a great opportunity to interact with specialists in different positions in the card market, as well as representatives of the brands, where we can address global issues and discuss the Brazilian market and its particularities. In addition to having first-hand access to materials and proposals for changes, we also actively and effectively participate in important definitions for security in the card market. An excellent initiative by PCI SSC.

Brazil Regional Engagement Board FAQ

The PCI SSC Brazil Regional Engagement Board serves in an advisory role to the PCI SSC. Regional Advisors will represent the perspectives of Participating Organizations and stakeholders in Brazil, advising and providing feedback and guidance to the PCI SSC on standards and programs development and adoption in Brazil.

Improving and increasing industry involvement in the development of PCI Standards and resources is critical to Council’s mission to enhance global payment security. The PCI SSC established the Regional Engagement Board in Brazil to assist in exchanging information and increasing payment security through adoption of PCI Standards in Brazil.

Board member responsibilities include providing advice, feedback and guidance to the PCI SSC as requested relating to payment data security issues, trends and market changes in the region; representing the views and interests of regional constituents; assisting in the recruitment of new Participating Organizations and stakeholders; recommending agenda topics for Regional Engagement Board meetings; and participating as needed in PCI SSC initiatives and projects.

Board members will be expected to attend and participate in regular board meetings, which include: telephone conference meetings and two face-to-face meetings. Additional telephone-based meetings of the Regional Engagement Board may be called by the PCI SSC, as needed.

The Regional Engagement Board is focused on specific geographies and markets where increased input and engagement is needed to foster broad adoption of PCI Security Standards. The Board of Advisors represents PCI SSC Participating Organizations worldwide to ensure global industry involvement in the development of PCI Security Standards. However, there will be an exchange of information and feedback both ways so that both groups will benefit from the topics and areas being discussed.

Board members serve for a two-year term.

Eligible organizations will nominate individuals to serve on the Brazil Regional Engagement Board through the PCI SSC member portal. The PCI SSC Executive Committee will then select the board from the list of nominees, based on what is needed to ensure broad representation from the payment system and across industry sectors that store, manage, process or transmit card-rooted payment data, and the best level of support for PCI SSC priorities and initiatives in the region. Board seats will be allocated to enable representation from each of these categories: Merchant, Issuer, Acquirer, Processor, Payment Service Provider, Regional Body or Group, Vendor and QSA.

All Participating Organizations (which includes Affiliate Members) and Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) with a significant presence* in Brazil that are in good standing** are eligible to nominate and serve on the PCI SSC Brazil Regional Engagement Board. Additionally, associations or groups that the PCI SSC has determined as representing one or more category of regional constituents and/or influencing the adoption of PCI Standards may be eligible.

*For international companies to participate, PCI SSC does not require that the applicable company, legal entity, organization, association or group be based or formed in or have a principal business location in Brazil, but provide the best level of support, advice and interest for the Council and ensure broad representation across industry sectors that store, manage, process or transmit card-based payment data in Brazil, and the appointed representative must be able to support the meeting languages (English and Portuguese).

** Good standing means, with respect to a given PCI Program, being in compliance with the applicable rules and requirements of that PCI Program.

Yes, Brazil-based Board of Advisor members are eligible to nominate themselves for the Brazil Regional Engagement Board. However, preference will be given to eligible non-Board of Advisor nominees to ensure broad representation.

Primary contacts at eligible organizations can self-nominate or nominate another individual as a candidate for the PCI SSC Brazil Regional Engagement Board.

Nominations can be submitted through the member portal. For help with login credentials, please contact

Only one individual may be nominated per organization as the primary representative, and one as the alternate in case the primary is unable to attend.

The nomination form requires a primary and alternate contact from each eligible organization. It must also include information about the organization and how it participates in the payments industry, as well as why the organization should be elected to the PCI SSC Brazil Regional Engagement Board.

The primary and alternate contacts for each Participating Organization and Affiliate Member and primary contacts for each QSA Company have login credentials for the member portal, which can be accessed at

For help with login credentials, please contact


Questions about how the nomination and selection process works? Get answers here.

Follow these simple steps to nominate your organization for the 2024-2025 PCI SSC Brazil Regional Engagement Board.