PCI Security Standards Council®


People are a critical part of keeping your payment data safe and secure. The PCI SSC provides training for merchants on payment data security essentials and resources for identifying and hiring qualified and trusted vendors and service providers that will help protect payment data.

People are your first line of defense.

Merchant Training

The PCI SSC offers a range of training and certification programs to support your organization’s payment security efforts. Use this guide to help determine which training is right for you and your organization.

Merchant Training at a Glance


Trusted Partners

To help you identify trusted partners who will prioritize payment data security, the PCI SSC maintains listings of trained and qualified companies for merchants. Refer to the descriptions below for more information and to access the PCI SSC listings. 

Other Resources

Merchants may also come into contact with a number of payment vendors or services providers that can impact the security of payment data and your business.

Secure E-commerce Service Providers

If you don’t already, consider using a PCI DSS compliant service provider to help you securely process your e-commerce payment transactions, and/or to manage your e-commerce website. Refer to the payment brand lists below as a resource.

MasterCard List of Compliant Service Providers
Visa Global Registry of Service Providers
Visa Europe Registered Member Agents

Use this guide to help identify other common type of payment vendors and service providers and what you should look for with each vendor.


Download Case Studies

View WPM Education Case Study
View BKM of Turkey Case Study

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