Global Executive Assessor Roundtable

The Global Executive Assessor Roundtable has been developed to get recommendations and input from senior leadership of PCI SSC-qualified payment security assessor companies. This initiative allows senior executives of PCI Assessor companies to provide advice, feedback and guidance to the PCI SSC on the issues and concerns relating to assessments and assessor programs, representing the perspectives of the PCI assessor community.

2022–2024 Global Executive Assessor Roundtable

Global Executive Assessor Roundtable FAQ

The PCI SSC Global Executive Assessor Roundtable serves as a direct channel for communication between senior leadership of payment security assessors and PCI SSC senior leadership.

Building a strong assessor community and developing high quality training programs is a priority for the PCI SSC in its efforts to help secure payment data globally. The PCI SSC established the Global Executive Assessor Roundtable in 2018 to encourage the exchange of information and increase payment security through greater coordination with this key stakeholder group.

The Global Executive Assessor Roundtable initiative is specifically designed to gather input on PCI assessor programs, including training content and qualification requirements, as well as to increase assessor engagement in emerging markets. In addition, this initiative provides the opportunity to hear from executives regarding enhancements for PCI assessor capabilities and skills that broaden service and value to merchants and processors.

Roundtable Advisors are responsible for providing advice, feedback and guidance to PCI SSC as requested; provide both open and expert input from both a business and technical perspective; represent the views and interests of the PCI assessor, Recognized Labs and assessed communities; and be available and willing to participate in special PCI SSC projects.

Roundtable Advisors will be expected to participate in meetings which will be held quarterly either as a telephone-based meeting or face-to-face meeting, with one meeting to be held in at the same time and location as a PCI SSC Community Meeting. Additional telephone-based meetings may be called, as needed, scheduled quarterly or as otherwise necessary or appropriate.

GEAR Advisors will serve a term of two years.

Eligible companies will be allowed to nominate themselves during the nomination period. All nominations shall be submitted via the PCI SSC portal.

Roundtable Advisors will be appointed by the PCI SSC Executive Committee from among the eligible slate of nominees (see eligibility criteria), through a process intended to provide the best level of support, advice and interest for the PCI assessor programs and ensure broad representation across the eligible companies.

Eligible companies include any PCI SSC assessor company that has been an active assessor for seven years; is actively participating in at least three assessor programs; is conducting business in at least three assessor regions (not including ASV locations served) and is in good standing* with respect to each PCI assessor and lab program in which it is a participant. (PCI Recognized Labs program (3DS SDK, CPoC, SPoC or PTS) net to 1 program).

PCI SSC assessor and lab programs: 3-D Secure (3DS) Assessor, Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), Card Production Security Assessor (CPSA), PCI Recognized Lab (3DS SDK, CPoC, SPoC or PTS), Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Assessor, Qualified PIN Assessor (QPA), Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and Software and Security Framework (SSF) Assessors.

2022 – 2024 GEAR Term Changes

With the upcoming sunset of PA-DSS, the eligibility criteria for GEAR reflect these changes. Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor (PA-QSA) will no longer be an eligible program. However, PCI Recognized Labs (3DS SDK, CPoC, SPoC or PTS) will now be considered an eligible program to count towards the three-program requirement.

The nomination period runs from 1 – 24 June 2022. PCI Assessor Primary contacts at eligible organizations can nominate senior executives as a candidate for the PCI SSC Global Executive Assessor Roundtable. Nominations can be submitted through the PCI SSC portal. For help with login credentials, please contact

The nomination must include their senior executive primary and secondary contact details.

Roundtable Advisors will be announced by 1 August 2022.

*Good standing means, with respect to a given PCI Program, being in compliance with the applicable rules and requirements of that PCI Program.