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What are the PA-DSS Expiry Dates?

The Expiry Date for PA-DSS Validated Payment Applications is the date by which a vendor must have the application reassessed against the current PA-DSS requirements in order for the application to remain listed as "Acceptable for New Deployments" on the PCI SSC website.

PA-DSS expiry dates are as follows:

PA-DSS version

Expiry of application listing


28 October, 2013


28 October, 2016


28 October, 2019


28 October, 2019


28 October, 2022

After the Expiry Date, applications are listed as 'Acceptable only for Pre-Existing Deployments.'  See FAQ #1195 for an explanation of the difference between an application which is "Acceptable for New Deployments" and one which is 'Acceptable only for Pre-Existing Deployments.'

June 2015
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