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What are secure methods for a merchant to transport a terminal to meet requirements specified in P2PE Requirement 3A-2.4 and the P2PE Instruction Manual?for example, if a merchant has to return a POI device to their vendor for repair?

This is a Technical FAQ for P2PE versions 1.x. This is a "normative" FAQ that is considered to be part of the P2PE requirements and shall be considered during a P2PE assessment in the same light as the published P2PE standard. These technical FAQs are also published together in "Technical FAQs for use with P2PE Versions 1.x" available in the Documents Library of this website.

This topic is addressed in P2PE v2.0. For P2PE versions 1.x, the intent is that POI devices should be shipped via a trackable shipping method. Examples of trackable shipping methods include private courier services or public shipping companies that provide the status of the package during shipping. The merchant should notify the company to which they are shipping the POI device, and the receiver of the device should validate upon receipt that the bag has not been tampered and is the same bag in which the device was shipped. In the interim, the P2PE assessor should document these results in the P-ROV and refer to this FAQ.
Article Number: 1347

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