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My company is providing services to several P2PE Solution Providers listed on the PCI SSC website. We want to become listed as a P2PE Component Provider to avoid multiple assessments - what do we need to do?

If your company provides services which meet the definition of a P2PE component provider as set out in the P2PE Program Guide v2, then it may be possible for those services to be assessed and your company listed as a P2PE component provider. The P2PE program currently allows for four types of P2PE components (encryption management services, decryption management services, key injection facilities, and certification/registration authorities).

In order to become listed, your company must engage a P2PE assessor and undergo a P2PE assessment using the P2PE v2 standard.  Please refer to the P2PE Program Guide v2 for further information about P2PE assessments. 

It is not possible to use an assessment completed under P2PE v1.1 to become listed as a P2PE component provider. 

PCI-listed P2PE component providers do not need to be separately validated for each P2PE solution they provide services to, as long as the scope of the services utilized has been assessed as meeting P2PE v2 requirements.

Solution providers seeking validation against P2PE v2 must ensure that all parts of the solution, including any functions outsourced to third party suppliers, are validated to confirm that all applicable P2PE v2 requirements are being met.

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June 2016
Article Number: 1353

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