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Is pre-authorization account data in scope for PCI DSS?

Yes, PCI DSS applies wherever cardholder data (CHD) and/or sensitive authentication data (SAD) is stored, processed or transmitted, irrespective of whether it is pre-authorization or post-authorization. There are no specific rules in PCI DSS regarding how long CHD or SAD can be stored prior to authorization, but such data would need to be protected according to PCI DSS.  Use of PTS-validated payment devices and PA-DSS validated payment applications can support PCI DSS compliance for the protection of data prior to authorization.

With respect to SAD, PCI DSS Requirement 3.2 prohibits storage of SAD AFTER authorization, even if encrypted. Whether SAD is permitted to be stored prior to authorization is determined by the individual payment brands, including any related usage and protection requirements. Additionally, several payment brands have very specific rules that prohibit any storage of SAD and do not make any exceptions. To determine payment brand requirements, please contact the individual payment brands directly. Contact information for the payment brands can be found in FAQ 1142.

Last updated: May 2014
Originally published: October 2012
Article Number: 1154

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