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How is the payment page determined for SAQ A merchants using iframe?

To be eligible for SAQ A, all elements of the payment page delivered to the consumer's (cardholder's) browser must originate only and directly from a PCI DSS validated third-party service provider(s). The term "payment page" refers to a collection of web elements used to collect and/or process payment card data. Payment pages can exist as a standalone web page or be embedded into another web page using iframe.

An iframe can appear as a section within a larger web page or it could be sized to encompass the entire web page.  Where an iframe encompasses the entire web page, all content is typically delivered via the iframe.  Where an iframe appears as a section of a larger web page, content is delivered via the iframe and also via the web page on which the iframe resides.

Payment pages can be as simple as input fields collecting payment information, or they could also be used to display additional information, such as the list of items being purchased, shipping information, and promotional materials.  All web elements located within the same iframe as elements associated with payment card data are considered part of the payment page.

Where the payment page is embedded within an iframe on a page on the merchant's website, all fields and web elements associated with capturing payment card data must be contained within the iframe to be eligible for SAQ A.  If any element involved in the collection or processing of payment card data is present on or provided by the merchant website, the merchant is not eligible for SAQ A.

Web page elements that are unrelated to the capture of payment card data, and that exist on the merchant website outside of the iframe, are not considered part of the payment page.  SAQ A may therefore be used where the merchant website delivers content unrelated to the payment process, as long as all elements of the payment page originate from a compliant service provider via an embedded iframe, and all other SAQ eligibility criteria are met.
September 2016
Article Number: 1438

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