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For P2PE Requirement 3A-4.2, are POI devices required to be physically secured (e.g., bolted to a counter-top or tethered with a cable) in the merchant environment? How does this requirement apply to handheld/wireless POI devices?

This is a Technical FAQ for P2PE versions 1.x. This is a "normative" FAQ that is considered to be part of the P2PE requirements and shall be considered during a P2PE assessment in the same light as the published P2PE standard. These technical FAQs are also published together in "Technical FAQs for use with P2PE Versions 1.x" available in the Documents Library of this website.

The intent of this requirement is for the solution provider to provide instructions in the PIM about how to physically secure the POI device — for example, if the device has a cable connection or a fixed bracket, the PIM should describe how to use these features.The merchant should be able to use these instructions to secure devices as appropriate for their environment. Whether the merchant applies the physical security instructions will depend on the type of environment in which the device is being used, and does not impact the P2PE solution assessment.

If a POI device is not intended to be secured in one place—for example, it is a handheld or wireless device—the solution provider is expected to provide merchants with instructions for how to implement process controls to protect the device. Examples of process controls could include storing the device in an area inaccessible to the public when the device is not in use, assigning responsibility to specific personnel for supervising use of the device, and so on. Again, the solution provider's responsibility is to provide this information in the PIM so the merchant is aware of best practices. The actual methods implemented by merchants to secure POI devices may vary according to the needs of the particular merchant.

September 2015
Article Number: 1348

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