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Does P2PE Requirement 2A-2.1 mean that PIN data (which is an element of SAD) must be encrypted by the SRED functions of the PCI-approved POI device? How does this impact PIN Security Requirements for PTS devices processing PINs?

This is a Technical FAQ for P2PE versions 1.x. This is a "normative" FAQ that is considered to be part of the P2PE requirements and shall be considered during a P2PE assessment in the same light as the published P2PE standard. These technical FAQs are also published together in "Technical FAQs for use with P2PE Versions 1.x" available in the Documents Library of this website.

The definition of "account data" is aligned across the various PCI standards, and does include any elements of SAD that are present. With respect to P2PE requirements and PIN Security Requirements (which must be met by PTS devices processing PINs), SRED covers account data (with the exception of PIN) and does not interfere with any PIN functions. PINs are encrypted separately from other SAD elements using a key specific and unique to PIN encryption. Note that if the PIN is encrypted a second time as part of the encipherment of other SAD elements (for example, via SRED), this secondary encryption is neither required by P2PE nor is it a violation of PIN Security Requirements. Refer to the section entitled "Relationship between P2PE and other PCI standards (PCI DSS, PA-DSS, PTS, and PIN," on page 3 of the P2PE standard.
Originally published: September 2015
Article Number: 1344

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