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Does cardholder name, expiration date, etc. need to be rendered unreadable if stored in conjunction with the PAN (Primary Account Number)?

For information about protecting different elements of cardholder data (CHD), please refer to the tables provided in the "PCI DSS Applicability Information" section in the PCI DSS.  The tables illustrates that, if cardholder name, service code, and/or expiration date are stored, processed or transmitted with the PAN, or are otherwise present in the cardholder data environment, they must be protected in accordance with applicable PCI DSS requirements.

This means that all applicable PCI DSS requirements, such as firewalls, patches, anti-virus, access controls, policies and procedures, etc., must be applied for protection of those cardholder data elements. However, only the PAN itself must be rendered unreadable in accordance with Requirement 3.4.

If these other elements of cardholder data (that is, cardholder name, expiry date and/or service code) are present without any PAN, then PCI DSS would not apply to those elements.

Last updated: May 2014
Originally published: January 2013
Article Number: 1222

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