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Does a P2PE validated application also need to be validated against PA-DSS?

The P2PE Standard does not require applications solely used in a P2PE solution to be validated to PA-DSS. PA-DSS and P2PE are distinct PCI standards with separate requirements and programs, and validation against one of these standards does not imply or result in any validation against the other standard.

A P2PE application that is used outside a PCI-listed P2PE solution may also be subject to PA-DSS per the PA-DSS Program Guide requirements.

Whether an entity is required to use a PA-DSS validated application is determined by individual payment brand compliance programs, and not by PCI SSC. For information about payment brand requirements for use of PA-DSS validated applications, please contact the payment brands directly. Payment brand contact details can be found in FAQ 1142 How do I contact the payment card brands?.
April 2020
Article Number: 1261

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