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Are P2PE Products (P2PE Solutions, P2PE Components, P2PE Applications) on the P2PE Expired Listings still considered "validated" per the P2PE Program Guide?

No, they are no longer considered validated. However, please contact the payment brands regarding the use of P2PE Solutions on the P2PE Expired List (How do I contact the payment card brands?).

As a reminder, reassessment dates shown in orange or red on the PCI SSC website for P2PE products represent products that have not been revalidated in accordance with P2PE program requirements.

Dates in orange indicate the P2PE Product revalidation is up to 90 days overdue and dates in red indicate that the P2PE product revalidation is more than 90 days overdue. These colors and their meaning are described at the bottom of each product listings page and are defined in the P2PE Program Guide. If a P2PE Product's Listing has been in a Red status for more than 90 days, the P2PE Product will be moved to the P2PE Expired Listings. 

Refer to the P2PE v3 Program Guide for further details in the PCI SSC Document Library.

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October 2020
Article Number: 1482

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