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What are the expiry dates for PTS POI device approvals?

Details regarding PTS-approved POI device expiry can be found in the PCI PTS ‘Device Testing and Approval Program Guide,’ located in the PCI SSC Document Library.

Whether or not the purchase and use of devices is acceptable beyond their PTS approval expiry date is determined by the individual payment brands. Entities should contact their acquirer or payment brand about the use of devices with expired approvals. Contact details for the payment brands can be found in FAQ #1142 How do I contact the payment card brands?.

For more information about the use of PTS devices with expired approvals, refer to FAQ #1302 How does use of an expired PTS device affect my PCI DSS compliance? And FAQ #1434 How do PCI PTS-approved POI device expiry dates affect a PCI-listed P2PE solution?

May 2024
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