Frequently Asked Question

Are compliance certificates recognized for PCI DSS validation?

No. The only documentation recognized for PCI DSS validation are the official documents from the PCI SSC website.  Any other form of certificate or documentation issued for the purposes of illustrating compliance to PCI DSS or any other PCI standard are not authorized or validated, and their use is not acceptable for evidencing compliance. The use of certificates or other non-authorized documentation to validate PCI DSS Requirement 12.8 and/or Requirement 12.9 is also not acceptable.

The PCI SSC website is the only source of official reporting templates and forms that are approved and accepted by all payment brands. These include Report on Compliance (ROC) templates, Attestations of Compliance (AOC), Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ), and Attestations of Scan Compliance for ASV scans. Only these official documents and forms are acceptable for the purposes of compliance validation.

Because certificates and other non-authorized documentation are not officially recognized, entities that receive these documents to indicate their own compliance (for example, from a QSA or ASV) or another entity’s compliance (for example, from a service provider) should request that official PCI SSC documentation be provided. Any organization issuing, providing, or using certificates as an indication of compliance must also be able to provide the official documents.  

July 2015
Article Number: 1220