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Approved PIN Transaction Security (PTS) Devices

Product Type

Product type gives an insight on both the approval class of a device, and whether the device is a module to be integrated (OEM) or is ready-to-deploy equipment. The product type may be prefixed with "OEM" if the approved device is clearly designed to be integrated into a wider set, or as a Non-PED to clearly differentiate a non-PIN-acceptance POI device from a PIN-acceptance POI device.

Please review the legal conditions and restrictions regarding PCI PTS approval contained in the PTS Device Testing and Approval Program Guide.

Derived Test Requirements, FAQs, PTS Device Testing and Approval Program Guide, and additional PTS documents are available in the document library.

PCI SSC Official Statements:
PCI Security Standards Council bulletin on the expiration of the approval of PCI PTS POI version 1 devices (2014)
Determination of PCI approval status for PTS devices (2011)

Devices with Expired Approval - These are devices whose approval has expired as delineated in the Expiry Dates section of the PTS Device Testing and Approval Program Guide. For specific information regarding payment brand usage mandates for expired devices, please contact the payment brand(s) of interest. Effective April 30, 2014, version 1 EPP and PED devices will be listed separately here.

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