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Brazil Gains More Representation in PCI Security Standards Council in 2019 with New Regional Engagement Board Members

New Companies Added to Advance Payment Security in Brazil; Board Term Extended Through 2019

SAO PAULO, Brazil, 18 January 2019 — Brazil has gained more representation in the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) with the 2019 PCI SSC Brazil Regional Engagement Board (REB) announced today. Introduced as a pilot initiative for 2018, the inaugural board’s one-yearterm has been extended through the end of 2019 and the roster increased to broaden payment card industry representation.

“We are very pleased with the success of the Brazil Regional Engagement Board. It is an important way for us to engage and learn from the industry leaders in the region. The REB provides insights into the needs and challenges in the region and collaboration on solutions to foster adoption of PCI Security Standards and improve payment security,” said PCI SSC Executive Director Lance J. Johnson. “We are excited to be able to continue this effort in 2019 with a newly expanded board that will provide more broad representation of payment card industry stakeholders in Brazil.”

The newly expanded Brazil Regional Engagement Board brings together some of Brazil’s leading companies from all sectors in the payments space – including vendors, merchants, processors, banks and industry associations.

Companies that served on the inaugural board and will continue participation in 2019 are: AirTkt; Camara Brasileira de Comercio Eletronico – Camara-e.Net; Cielo S.A.; Ltda (; ELO Servicos S.A.; ESFERATUR PASSAGENS E TURISMO S/A; Fidelity Processadora S.A.; First Data Merchant Services; Foregenix; Gertec Brasil Ltda; GETNET ADQUIRENCIA E SERVICOS PARA MEIOS DE PAGAMENTO S.A.; Itau Unibanco S.A.; Saraiva; TIVIT Terceirizacao de Processos, Servicos e Tecnologia S/A; and VTEX Cloud e-Commerce Platform.

New companies joining the board in 2019 are: Braspag Tecnologia em Pagamentos; Conductor Tecnologia S/A; CSU CardSystem SA; PayPal Inc; and Worldpay, Inc.

In 2019, board members will continue to represent the perspectives of PCI SSC Participating Organizations and the payment card industry in Brazil, providing feedback and guidance to the PCI SSC on standards and programs development and adoption in the region. The group will meet regularly throughout the year to discuss payment data security issues, trends and market changes in the region.

Key priorities will include working with PCI SSC to develop content and resources for the Brazilian payment card industry; encouraging increased involvement from Brazilian companies in the PCI SSC as Participating Organizations; fostering greater payment security awareness and understanding through PCI Training; and shaping the agenda for the 2019 PCI Latin America Forum, taking place in Sao Paulo on 15 August 2019.

“With cybercrime on the rise in Brazil, it is an important time for the industry here to be even more engaged in the work we are doing at the PCI Security Standards Council to help businesses detect, mitigate and prevent cyberattacks and breaches,” said PCI SSC Associate Regional Director for Brazil Carlos Caetano. “We are especially pleased to be adding more companies to the board. Their knowledgeable members will bring different perspectives to the table that will benefit payment security in Brazil and globally.”

To learn more about the Brazil Regional Engagement Board and its priorities for 2019, read the blog post PCI SSC in Brazil: New Regional Engagement Board for 2019.

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