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Small Merchants

You must secure cardholder data to meet Payment Card Industry rules!

Small merchants are prime targets for data thieves. It’s your job to protect cardholder data at the point-of-sale.

If cardholder data is stolen – and it’s your fault – you could incur fines, penalties, even termination of the right to accept payment cards!

Learn how the PCI Data Security Standard can protect cardholder data and prevent theft.

Protecting cardholder data is good for your business

PCI security prevents stolen customer data, and:

  • Prevents lawsuits
  • Can save you money
  • Helps you to stay in business

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You are responsible for preventing theft of cardholder data

Follow these steps:

  • Don’t store ANY sensitive cardholder data!
  • Secure card readers, point-of-sale, and payment systems
  • Use basic security techniques

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Learn how

Details are in the PCI DSS.
It’s a strong, systematic way to secure cardholder data.

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Click here – “Quick Guide” to the PCI Data Security Standard

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