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Location & Accommodations

Who should attend the 2012 PCI Security Standards Council Asia Pacific Town Hall?
Attendance at this one-day Town Hall Meeting is complimentary and open to all PCI stakeholders – from PCI Security Standards Council Participating Organizations and the assessment community to card brands and those interested in payment security. Any organization that works with payment card data is invited to join us.

Where is the 2012 PCI SSC Asia Pacific Town Hall?
The meeting will be held at the following venue in Singapore:

Hilton Singapore Hotel
581 Orchard Road, Singapore, Singapore 238883
Tel: 65-67-372-233 Fax: 65-67-322-917

Which hotel has a room block for this meeting?  What are the rates?
Please click here for the accommodations section of the website.

Registration – In-Advance and On-Site

Is there a registration fee to attend the Town Hall?
No, attendance to this informational Town Hall meeting is complimentary for companies interested in learning more about PCI Standards, programs, and resources.

Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?
For registrations made online, confirmation of registration will be immediately sent via email.  If you do not receive your confirmation, please e-mail asiapacific@pcisecuritystandards.org  or call +1 (781) 876-6235.

May I register onsite for the meeting?
Yes, you may register onsite at the meeting. However, we strongly encourage you to register in advance so that you will have a speedier check-in when you arrive at the meeting.

Where do I go when I get to the Hilton Singapore Hotel? Where is the event held?
The Town Hall Meeting room is located in Ballroom I on Level 3 of the hotel.  Signs will be clearly posted in the lobby area of the hotel. Please refer to your Program Guide once onsite for the complete agenda with room assignments.  Click here to access the hotel’s meeting room floor plan.

I have registered for the meeting but would like to make changes to my name on my badge. How do I do this?
Your meeting badge will be created using the name and affiliation information submitted in your registration. If you would like to change the information on your badge, please e-mail asiapacific@pcisecuritystandards.org or call +1 (781) 876-6235 with your requested change prior to the meeting.  You may also request the change onsite at the meeting registration area but please note there may be a wait due to the high volume of activity expected at the registration area.

While On-Site

What is the “official” language of the meeting?
The Town Hall Meeting presentations and hand-outs will be in English.

What is the dress code for the Town Hall Meeting?
Business attire is encouraged for the meeting and Networking Reception. 

Will I have Internet Access while at the meeting?
Internet Access will not be readily available during the meeting.  Attendees staying at the hotel and confirmed within the PCI Room Block will receive a separate access code that will work in their guestroom.

May I use twitter, blog, or use other Social Media outlets before, during, and after the meeting to discuss topics announced at the meeting?
The Town Hall Meeting is a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with your PCI industry peers and learn more about the PCI Standards. Use of social media tools at the Town Hall Meeting to discuss and share non-confidential information is welcome.

However, in order to keep these valuable face-to-face discussions moving along, we kindly request that if you wish to use social media, you do so in a manner that does not distract from the goals of the meeting. Additionally, if you choose to use social media to report on your experience at the Town Hall Meeting, please do not publish confidential details of specific discussions or disclose any information about any company's security position or compliance status.

The Council will be sharing updates via Twitter @PCISSC.

Tell me more about the Networking Reception.
The Council invites all attendees to join them at a Networking Reception immediately following the Town Hall Meeting. The reception will provide attendees with networking opportunities across global regions and industry markets. The receptionwill take place from 17:00 – 18:00 in the Panorama Room 3 and 4 on Level 24 of the hotel. 

Will there be vegetarian or other dietary meal options at the Town Hall Meeting?
Yes. Vegetarian and other special dietary needs (such as halal, kosher, gluten-free, etc.) can be made available upon request; please contact asiapacific@pcisecuritystandards.org in advance with your request.

Will I be able to store my luggage at the Town Hall Meeting Registration Desk after I check out from the hotel?
PCI SSC is unable to store luggage for you.If you are checking out of the hotel prior to your departure time from the meeting, please store your luggage with the hotel bell staff.

Singapore Area Information

What is the weather like in Singapore for the month of June?
The weather during the Town Hall Meeting will be about 87° F/31° C from a high during the day and about 75° F/24° C in the evenings.  In general, Singapore is very humid.

Where may I obtain information about the Singapore Changi airport and transportation options to the Hilton Singapore Hotel?
Please click here to visit the Ground Transportation section of the Town Hall website.

What are the driving directions to the hotel?
Please click here to visit the Ground Transportation section of the Town Hall website.

I am traveling from overseas; do I require a passport/visa to travel to Singapore?
Most nationalities can enter Singapore without a visa.  For a complete list of countries that require a visa to enter Singapore, please visit the following website: http://www.ica.gov.sg.  

Should you need to apply for a visa, please send an email request to asiapacific@pcisecuritystandards.org, and we will send you a letter of invitation to support your application. However you must contact us as soon as possible with your request.

What are some of the local laws in Singapore?
Although Singapore is deemed one of the safest major cities in the world, crime still does exist and there are many enforced laws that differ from those in Western countries.  Be mindful of your belongings due to pick pocketing and also mind your belongings at the airport to avoid someone else’s property to be mistaken as your own.

Look around for sign boards detailing the “Don’ts” and the fines associated with these offenses, and heed them.  Some laws to acknowledge that are punishable by immediate fine or sometimes caning:

  • Do not chew gum, spit or litter in public places.
  • Do not jaywalk.
  • Do not eat or drink on public transportation.

For more information on Singapore law and how it should be understood based on your nationality, please visit your country’s embassy website.

What are some of the local customs in Singapore?*

Business cards are always exchanged when people meet for business for the first time: hold yours with both hands by the top corners, so the text faces the recipient, while simultaneously receiving theirs.  Study the cards you receive and feel free to ask questions; when you are finished, place them on the table in front of you, not in a shirt pocket or wallet, and do not write on them or otherwise show disrespect.

Singaporeans are punctual, so show up on time. The standard greeting is a firm handshake. However, conservative Muslims avoid touching the opposite sex, so a man meeting a Malay woman should let her offer her hand first and a woman meeting a Malay man should wait for him to offer his hand. If they opt to place their hand on the heart and bow slightly instead, just follow suit. Singaporeans generally do not hug.

If invited to somebody's house, always remove your shoes before you enter as most Singaporeans do not wear their shoes at home. Socks are perfectly acceptable though, as long as they are not excessively soiled. Many places of worship also require you to remove your shoes before you enter.

*Source: http://wikitravel.org/en/Singapore

What is the currency/exchange rate for Singapore?
The currency for Singapore is the Singapore Dollar (SGD), the symbol is S$ or $.  The exchange rate (as of April 2012) is $1 SGD = $0.800974 USD; $1 SGD = €0.609729 EUR; or $1 SGD = £0.503937 GBP. For the most up-to-date exchange rate please visit http://www.xe.com/ucc/ .

What is the electrical voltage for Singapore?
Singapore runs on 230 V, 50 HZ and uses a G plug.

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