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Special Interest Group Proposal Form

Given that the PCI Data Security Standard version 4.0 (PCI DSS v4.0), is currently in development, topics related to PCI DSS will not be considered for 2021 SIG projects. This will avoid having a SIG create guidance that would soon be associated with a previous version of the PCI DSS. To ensure continued stakeholder involvement in PCI DSS, the PCI SSC is conducting additional RFC periods for PCI DSS v4.0 as part of the revision process. Information about the RFCs will be posted on PCI SSC website, and PCI SSC stakeholders will receive communications with additional information on how to participate.

1. SIG Topic

Identify the subject or topic of the proposed SIG.

2. Background

Summarize the need for and the background for the proposed SIG. What current issue is the SIG going to address? Describe the scale of the issue (e.g., widespread or industry-specific).

3. SIG Objectives

Specify the main objectives of the proposed SIG. Also, specify what the proposed deliverable will be (e.g., guidance document, toolkit, survey, video, infographic)

4. Outline or Strawman

Include an outline or strawman of the proposed deliverable, including specific topic areas to be covered.

5. Participation

Identify the expertise, skills, and/or competencies that would be of benefit to the SIG.

6. Applicable PCI Standard

Please note: Given that PCI SSC has begun efforts on PCI Data Security Standard version 4.0 (PCI DSS v4.0), the 2021 SIG proposals will focus on topics unrelated to the PCI DSS or PA-DSS.

Check all that apply.

  • Card Production and Provisioning - Physical
  • Card Production and Provisioning - Logical
  • Point-To-Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • PIN Security
  • PTS Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • PTS Point Of Interaction (POI)
  • PCI 3-D Secure Software Development Kit (3DS SDK)
  • PCI 3-D Secure Core (3DS CORE)
  • Software-Based PIN Entry on COTS (SPoC)
  • Software Security Framework: Secure SLC Standard
  • Software Security Framework: Secure Software Standard
  • Token Service Provider (TSP)
  • Not focused on a PCI Standard

Submitting Representative

To be successful, a SIG requires active participation and contributions from its stakeholders. Are you willing to provide a representative from your organization to help lead the content development for this SIG initiative, should it be chosen in 2021?

Yes   No

All submissions are reviewed by the PCI SSC for consideration. All submissions approved by the PCI SSC are then presented to the Participating Organizations for final selection as an election process. Submissions are not guaranteed approval by the PCI SSC, inclusion in the Participating Organization selection process, or final selection by Participating Organizations.

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