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Special Interest Group Proposal Form


The PCI SSC's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) leverage the valuable business and technical experiences of PCI SSC Participating Organizations to collaborate with the PCI SSC on any supporting guidance or special projects relating to the PCI Security Standards.

A SIG may be formed to address a specific industry or technological challenge. A SIG's objective is to recommend changes, clarifications, or improvements to the PCI Standards and the programs that support them. In some cases, a SIG's deliverable will be a white paper or guidance document that does not change the standards or supporting frameworks, but provides clarification on specific requirements or areas of interest.


This form is designed to capture all necessary basic information from Participating Organizations (PO), Qualified Security Assessors (QSA), Approved Scanning Vendors (ASV) or PCI Council Members proposing to create a SIG. The document will assist the PCI Security Standards Council in creating a shortlist of proposals on which Participating Organizations will vote. Council staff may contact the proposing organization for further discussion or clarification of this submission. Be as specific as possible when completing the form. Completion of this document or entry into this process does not guarantee formation of a Special Interest Group. For more information on how SIGs work, please visit https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/get_involved/special_interest_groups.php:



1. Purpose

What is the intended purpose of the proposed Special Interest Group?  What would the group like to accomplish (e.g., creation of a guidance document, survey for the PO community, proposed training program, toolkit, etc.)?

2. Background

Please describe the background for the proposed Special Interest Group. What industry trends or changes to technology or the payment environment necessitate the work of the SIG?

3. Objectives

What are the main objectives of the proposed Special Interest Group? Be as specific as possible and please include:

4. Approach

How will the proposed Special Interest Group achieve its intended objectives? How will the objectives be communicated to stakeholders? How will the SIG identify successful completion? Be as specific as possible to ensure clarity for those evaluating your proposal.

5. Participation

Please identify commitments of Participating Organizations to assist both with time and resources by person, organization and stakeholder type (merchant, service provider, financial institution, vendor, association or other).

Submitting Representative

All submissions are reviewed by the PCI SSC for consideration. All submissions approved by the PCI SSC are then presented to the Participating Organizations for final selection as an election process. Submissions are not guaranteed approval by the PCI SSC, inclusion in the Participating Organization selection process, or final selection by Participating Organizations.

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