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The Council is committed to drive greater learning and protection of payment data worldwide by offering FREE PCI Awareness eLearning in support of Data Privacy Day. Registration will be open for a 24 hour period only: 25 January, noon EST – 26 January noon EST (that's 17:00 25 January – 17:00 26 January GMT).

Please note that the FREE offer is open to the first 1,000 people that register – and to give everyone around the world an equal chance, we are limiting the registrations to 500 per time slot, per the following schedule:

Open to the first 500: 25 January noon - midnight EST (17:00 – 05:00 GMT)

Open to the first 500: 25 January midnight – 26 January noon EST (05:00 – 17:00 GMT)

* You will have access to the Awareness eLearning course for a period of 30 days beginning 30 January, 2018 (your complimentary access will expire on 1 March 2018). The regular $495 enrollment fee will be waived.

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