Functions Provided

"Functions provided" denotes which of the following functions are supported by the device. One or more of the following may apply, depending on the implementation:

All models eligible for P2PE Solutions must have SRED as part of the "Functions Provided" in the PTS listing. In addition, when the model has contactless reading capability, it must use a Firmware Number prefixed with "SRED (CTLS)", for example "SRED (CTLS): 820528V02.xx" as in the PTS listing.

If the vendor has undergone a supplemental contactless evaluation (SCE), models with the Firmware Number prefixed with "SRED (Non CTLS)" are also permitted in P2PE Solutions. The following table provides the list of such models and the validity of their SCEs:

Model Firmware Number noted
as "SRED (Non-CTLS)"
SCE Expiry Date
Ingenico IWL220, IWL250 820528v02.xx 4-20181 31 December 2020
Ingenico iSMP 820528V02.xx 4-20183 31 December 2020
Ingenico iCT220, iCT250 820528V02.x 4-20196 30 November 2020
Ingenico iPP310, iPP320, iPP350 820375V01.xx 4-20184 31 October 2020