Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the PCI Security Standards Council Community Meeting 2013?
The PCI Security Standards Council's annual community meetings provide an exclusive opportunity for Participating Organizations, Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs), Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs), Qualified Integrator and Resellers (QIRs), Payment Card Industry Professionals (PCIPs), Internal Security Assessors (ISAs), PIN Transaction Security (PTS) group members and Payment Application QSAs (PA-QSAs) to learn firsthand about the upcoming new standards releases, as well as gain insight into other Council programs and standards. Each session will provide extensive opportunities for questions and answers with representatives from each of the payment brands.

May I register onsite for the meeting?
Yes, you may register onsite at the meeting. Payments must be in the form of check or credit card. Payment must be made in full for entry to the conference. We strongly encourage you to register in advance so that you will have a speedier check-in when you arrive at the meeting.

Which hotel has a room block for this meeting?  What are the rates?
Please click here for the accommodations section of the website.

Where is the event held?
The Conference rooms are located in the lower Lower Lobby and Basement II. Signs will be clearly posted around the venue. Please refer to your Program Guide once onsite for the complete agenda with room assignments.

What is the "official" language of the meeting?
The Community Meeting presentations and hand-outs will be in English.

What is the dress code for the Community Meeting?
Business casual attire is encouraged for all meetings and events at the PCI SSC Community Meeting 2013.

Will I have Internet Access while at the meeting?
Yes, there will be wireless internet access in the conference area. The access code for this secured wireless network will be included in your registration materials.

May I tweet, blog or use other Social Media outlets before, during and after the meeting to discuss topics announced at the meeting?
The Community Meeting is a unique annual opportunity to meet face-to-face with your Participating Organization peers. It is a chance to share views, give feedback, network and discuss new developments in person. Use of social media tools at Community Meetings to discuss and share non-confidential information is welcome.

However, in order to keep these valuable face-to-face discussions moving along, we kindly request that if you wish to use social media, you do so in a manner that does not distract from the goals of the meetings. Additionally, if you choose to use social media to report on your experience at Community Meetings, please do not publish confidential details of specific discussions or disclose any information about any company's security position or compliance status.

The Council will be sharing updates via Twitter @PCISSC and the #PCICM hashtag and encourages the use of #PCICM for related posts.

Tell me more about the Welcome Reception and Networking Reception.
The Council invites all attendees to join them at the Networking Reception. On Wednesday, the Council invites you to relax after an informative day during an evening Networking Reception with refreshments. The Networking Reception will take place on Wednesday, 20 November from 17:00-18:00.

Will there be vegetarian or other dietary meal options at the Community Meeting?
Yes. Vegetarian and other special dietary needs (such as kosher, gluten-free, etc.) can be made available upon request; please contact in advance with your request.

What if I need special assistance?
If under the applicable laws of the U.S. you require auxiliary aids or services, please e-mail or call +1 (781) 876-8855.

Will I be able to store my luggage at the PCI SSC Community Meeting Registration Desk after I check out from the hotel?
PCI SSC is unable to store luggage for you. If you are checking out of the hotel prior to your departure time from the conference, please store your luggage with the hotel bell staff.

What is the weather like in Kuala Lumpur for the month of November?
The weather during the Conference will be around a high of 31°C (88°F) from a high during the day and about 22°C (72°F )in the evenings.

Where may I obtain information about KLIA International Airport and transportation options to the Shangri- La Hotel?
Please click here to visit the Ground Transportation section of the Community Meeting Web site.

What are the driving directions to the hotel?
Please click here to visit the Ground Transportation section of the Community Meeting Web site.

I am traveling from overseas; do I require a passport/visa to travel to Malaysia?
For information on passport/visa requirements for entry into Malaysia, visit Should you need to apply for a visa, please send an email request to, and we will send you a letter of invitation to support your application. However you must contact us as soon as possible with your request.

What is the tipping policy and currency/exchange rate for Malaysia?
In Malaysia, a 5% tax is added to bills of hotel and restaurants classified as tourist class, along with a 10% service charge in a system locals call 'plus plus.' You'll see the '++'symbols where this applies. In non-tourist class restaurants and local coffee shops, tipping is not expected.

The currency for Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit, the symbol is RM .  The exchange rate (as of February , 2013 ) is 1.00 USD = 3.10150 MYR . For the most up-to-date exchange rate please visit

What is the voltage for the Malaysia?
In Malaysia electricity is 240 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. Outlets in Malaysia generally accept 1 type of plug with two parallel flat pins with ground pin. If your appliances plug has a different shape, you may need a plug adapter.