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Payment Card Industry Professional

The PCI SSC Payment Card Industry Professional (PCIP)™ Program provides a foundational credential for industry practitioners who demonstrate their professional knowledge and understanding of PCI SSC standards (“PCI Standards”) and supporting materials. Through the process of becoming a PCIP, the candidate will gain knowledge of the PCI Standards and how they relate to one another. Becoming a PCIP demonstrates a level of understanding that can provide a strong foundation for a career in the payments security industry. This qualification stays with the candidate regardless of their employer.

PCI Professional Feedback Form

This form is used to review PCIPs and their work product. Information collected from the Feedback Form will be held in strict confidence and used for the sole purpose of improving the quality of service provided by the PCIP.

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Person Providing Feedback PCI Professional (PCIP)
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For each question, please indicate the response that best reflects your experience and provide comments.
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(a) The PCIP was able to identify the PCI Standards (PCI DSS, PA-DSS, PTS and P2PE).

(b) The PCIP understood basic Payment Card Industry (PCI) terminology.

(c) The PCIP practiced with Professional Ethics (PCI Code of Professional Responsibility).

(d) When required, the PCIP was familiar with all PCI DSS Requirements.

(e) The PCIP could describe when and how Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) are used.

(f) The PCIP could locate and make use of PCI SSC Information Supplements, when required.

(g) The PCIP could effectively explain how new technologies such as P2PE, tokenization, mobile devices and cloud computing, can affect the PCI.

(h) The PCIP could adequately describe appropriate uses of compensating controls.

(i) The PCIP could apply PCI DSS Requirements to business practices.

Please provide any additional comments here about the PCIP, your interaction with the PCIP, or the PCI DSS documents.

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