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EMV®Pre-Qualified VARs/ISVs (each a "VAR/ISV") are organizations that have been independently accredited by one or more EMV VAR Service Providers (each a "Provider") as having successfully completed a pre-qualification process for one or more PCI SSC member payment brands (each a "Brand") in accordance with the U.S. EMV VAR/ISV Qualification Program (the "Program").

The Program and this EMV Pre-Qualified VARs/ISVs Listing (the "List") are provided "as is" as a convenience to the payments industry and its stakeholders. Inclusion on the List signifies only that PCI SSC received a completed "Proof of Accreditation" from one or more Provider(s) for an eligible VAR/ISV and corresponding VAR/ISV Solution ("Solution"), and that such Provider has validated such VAR/ISV (in accordance with the Provider's validation, certification, testing or other requirements, and subject to any qualifications or conditions specified on the List) and not notified PCI SSC to the contrary.

PCI SSC does not define, facilitate, or participate in the development of Provider or Brand criteria, rules or requirements for accreditation of Providers, VARs/ISVs or Solutions, does not independently confirm compliance with accreditation requirements, is not involved in decisions regarding Provider, VAR/ISV or Solution accreditation, and does not endorse any Provider or VAR/ISV or their respective Solutions, business processes or practices. All questions about changes in VAR/ISV accreditation or List status should be directed to the applicable Provider(s).

Although PCI SSC strives to ensure that the information on the List is accurate and current, the List should not be relied on for any legal purpose, whether statutory, regulatory, contractual or otherwise, and all warranties of any kind are disclaimed, including but not limited to, all warranties relating to or arising in connection with the use of or reliance on the information set forth in the List. Any person or entity that uses or otherwise relies in any manner on the information set forth in the List does so at his or her sole risk.

All listings expire December 31, 2018

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